120 "Floating" White Pearls & Sparkling Gem Accents - No Hole Jumbo/Assorted Sizes Vase Decorations and Table Scatter

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$ 29.85
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  • No Hole Pearls and Gems for a smoother look!
  • The Pearls/Gems will not float by themselves.  To float the pearls and gems, order the Floating Pack Option, you can always order Transparent Water Gels Packets or Event Packseparately.
  • Wow your guests with this Hottest Trend. Elegant with a magical twist vase fillers and table scatters for wedding decorations, anniversaries, Hanukkah, holidays, birthdays, graduations, bridal showers and more
  • 120 Pearls and Gems Pack contains: 8 Jumbo Pearls (30 mm/1.25"d), 12 Large Pearls (20 mm/0.75"d), 60 Medium Pearls (14 mm/0.5"d), and 40 Gems (0.75"d) which fills 3 measuring cups if stacked (not floating)
  • The Floating Pack option contains the above Pearls/Gems, along with 2 Transparent Gel Packs (needed to Float Pearls) will generate 2 gallons for your vases
  • Our Pearls are specially made as vase fillers, larger sizes, and smaller holes, unlike other brands
  • The Pearls can be used for an unlimited number of times, suitable for any size budget, easy to do and can be prepared several days in advance. Please see Video Tutorial
  • The Floating Candles are sold separately, and the vases are not for sale
  • Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. Chat or email inspire@floatingpearls.com