60 Floating Natural White Seashells-Pearls-Sea Pebbles-Aqua Color Gels-Fills 1 Gallon for your vases-With Transparent Water Gels Measured Floating Kit-Option: 3 Submersible Fairy Lights-Vase Decorations

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$ 14.95
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  • Bring the beach to your events. Must have eye catching centerpiece decorations for weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, Summer events, home/office decorations, gifts, and more...
  • Each Pack fills 1 gallon of the Floating Seashells for your vases. Total Floating 60pc Pack contains: 30 Large Natural White Seashells 1"- 2", 10 White Shiny Pearls 1.25"- 0.4", 15 iridescent realistic Sea Glass Pebbles & 25pc Aqua Color Translucent Gels plus our Must Have exclusive Transparent Water Floating Gels Kit with Measured Prep & Storage Bag, so no guessing and best results! 
  • Each Pack with the Fairy String Lights Option includes the above plus 3 Fairy String Lights in Warm White or White for instant glow! (see Fairy Lights image for details)
  • Can be prepared days in advance, stays afloat for months, portable, storable for years & reusable. Please allow 8 hours to soak the Gels in water. See Video Tutorial.
  • Not including Candles & Vases!  
  • For quantity estimation example: 1Pk fills about 3 vases of 10" x 4" similar to the center vase in main image or fills a set of 3 vases 11", 9" & 7" x 3.5" Diameter, similar to the vases in main image. One Fairy Lights String per vase! For quantity estimations for your vases and any questions, please contact us! Chat on site or email us inspire@floatingpearls.com