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1 GL Floating Gold Glitter Pearls with Option of Submersible Fairy Lights - with Pre-Measured Prep & Storage Bags - Vase Decorations
75 Floating Glitter Patriotic Stars & Red/Blue Color Effects- Fill 1 Gallon of Transparent Gels for Floating Effect-With Measured Floating Gels Bag-Option of 3 Fairy Lights Strings
Floating Glowing Gold Stars-Large Sizes-Fills 1 Gallon of Floating Stars and Crystal Clear Floating Gels for Vases-Including Measured Prep Bag-Option of Submersible Fairy Lights Strings
1 GL Floating Glitter Silver Pearls - Including Water Gels & Kit for the Floating Effect - Option of Submersible Fairy Lights - Centerpiece Decorations
Floating White Stars-Glitter-3D-Glitter White Globes-Fills 1 Gallon of The Most Crystal Clear Gels for The Floating Effect-Exclusive Measured Floating Kit-White Submersible Fairy Lights
Floating Red Sparkling Stars-Large Sizes-Fills 1 Gallon for Your Vases-With Option: 3 Submersible Fairy Lights-Vase Decorations
1 GL Floating Glitter White Pearls - 1 Pk Fills 1 GL for Your Vase - With Transparent Gels Measured Kit - Option of Fairy Lights
50 Floating Blue Stars-Glitter-1 Pk Fills 1 Gallon for Your Vases-Including Transparent Water Gels Floating Measured Kit-Exclusive-Option: Submersible Fairy Lights Strings-Stunning Vase Decorations
Floating Silver Stars Glitter-Fills Gallons for Your Vases With Transparent Floating Gels Kit+Option of Submersible Fairy Lights-Stunning Vase Decorations
40 Floating Large Crystal Blue Stars & Pearls-Fills 1 Gallon of Floating Gels for the Floating Effect-With Exclusive Measured Floating Gels Prep Bag-Option of 3 Submersible Fairy Lights Strings