50 Floating Pink Cherry Blossoms Silk Flowers with Rose Quartz Pink & Sapphire Sea Glass-1 Pk Fills 1 Gallon of Gels for Floating Effect-With Measured Kit-Option:3 Submersible Fairy Lights-Vase Decorations

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$ 16.95
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  • Eye catching, dreamy Pink Floating Flowers & Rose Quarts Pink Tumbled Sea Glass, for weddings, mother's day, bridal showers, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, gifts, and much more...
  • Each fills 1 gallon Floating Flowers for your vases. In each Pack 50pc: 20 Silk realistic Pink Cherry Blossoms Flowers, waterproof 1" - 2" some on short twigs, in options of 3 colors: Light Pink/Blush, Large 2" Hot Pink/Fuchsia and Mix of the 2 colors + 30pc of 3 options: Rose Quartz, Sapphire Pink Tumbled Sea Glass, and A Mix of the two + our exclusive Transparent Water Gels Measured Floating Kit, including Prep & Storage Bag. With option of 3 fully Submersible Fairy Lights Warm White, each String 10' with 30 Led Lights. 1 Fairy Light String for an average size vase! See image for full info and tips!
  • Can be prepared days in advance, stays afloat for months, transportable, storable, reusable. Please allow 8 hours to soak the Gels in water.
  • Vase not included.
  • For Quantity estimation example: 1 Floating Pack fills an average size set of 3 vases similar to the main image, about 11", 9" & 7" tall x 3.5" diameter, or a set of 3 vases in about 11" tall x 3.5" diameter. Please contact us for quantity estimations for your vases and any questions! Chat or email inspire@floatingpearls.com