50 Floating Christmas Red/White Peppermints-Candy Canes-Pearls-Fills 1 Gallon-With Measured Transparent Gels Floating Kit-Option:FairyLights

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$ 14.95
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  • Our Viral festive, eye-catching & easy DIY Candyland. Exclusive hand-picked assortment. Great for holiday events, Christmas parties, home holiday decoration and unique everlasting holiday gifts...
  • Each Pack fills 1 gallon of the Floating Realistic Peppermints, Candy Canes, & Glitter Pearls for you vases. Each Pack contains 50pc in: 10 Peppermints 1", 6 Candy Canes 3.5", 20 Glitter Red & White Pearls 1.25"- 0.5", Small Pom Poms 20+pc and includes 1 Transparent Water Gels Packet Floating Kit with must have Measured Prep & Storage Bag for easy breezy prep and stunning results, no Guessing! Option of 3 Cool White or Warm White Fairy Lights Strings to make the vases glow. Fully Submersible. See Fairy Lights image for details.
  • Simple instructions included. Can be prepared several days in advance, stays afloat and fresh looking for weeks to months, transportable, storable, reusable!  Please see Video Tutorial
  • Not including candles and vases! 
  • For quantity estimation examples: Each Pack will fill 4 vases of 8" x 4" similar to the vase in main image. Or Each Pack fills 3 vases in 10"x 4". One Fairy Lights String per vase. Please contact us for any questions and help with quantity estimates! 
Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. chat or email inspire@floatingpearls.com