Floating Silk Peach Roses-Each Pk Fills 1 GL of Floating Roses for Your Vases-With Measured Transparent Gels Kits-Vase Decorations

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$ 18.95
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  • Flowers do not float in water. Choose the Floating Option that includes the Gels needed for the Floating Effect!
  • Wow your guests with this eye catching beautiful vase decorations. Elegant with a magical twist vase fillers and table scatters for wedding decorations, anniversaries, Mother's Day, birthdays, bridal showers, unique gifts, and more
  • Each Pack (without Gels) Option, contains 7 Silk Peach Roses, 9.5" each and waterproof.
  • Each Floating Pack Option, contains: 7 Silk Peach Roses, 9.5" each and waterproof. With Measured Transparent Water Gels Kit with Prep and Storage Bag, for best results!
  • Can be prepared days in advance, stays afloat and lasts for months, transportable, storable, reusable. Allow 8 hours to soak the Gels in water!
  •  You can order more Transparent Water Gels Packets or Event Packseparately
  • Not including the White Pearls, Votives, nor the vases!
  • Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. Chat or email inspire@floatingpearls.com