Floating Silver Stars Glitter-Fills Gallons for Your Vases With Transparent Floating Gels Kit+Option of Submersible Fairy Lights-Stunning Vase Decorations

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  • Wow your guests with this eye catching, festive & elegant with a magical twist vase fillers for centerpieces and table scatters. Awesome for graduations decorations, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, bridal showers, baby shower, unique gifts and more...
  • Each Pack fills 1 GL of Floating Stars for your vases! 30pc Stars, resin, in size range 2" to 0.6" & 30pc foil Stars in 0.9". Plus 1 Transparent Water Gels Floating Kit with Measured Prep and Storage Kit for easy breezy prep from start to stunning! Allow 8 hours to soak the Gels in water!
  • Each Pack with Fairy Lights Option is same as above + 3 Fairy Lights Submersible Strings in Warm White, to enhance the Stars Glow!  See Fairy Lights image for details
  • Can be prepared several days in advance, lasts for months, transportable, storable for years, & reusable! 3 ways to transport: 1. Floating in vases. 2.  Gels hydrated in Prep Bags (included). 3. Hydrate the Gels at the destination. Practice on a vase is recommended ahead of time, to see how easy and fast it is! You can reuse the Floating Gels and Stars used for the practice vase, so nothing goes to waste!  
  • Sold separately Black Floating Pearls and vases!
  • For additional Transparent Water Gels Packets or Event Packs 
  • Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. Chat or email inspire@floatingpearls.com