Transparent Gels Kit for Floating

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Transparent Water Gels Premeasured Kits-Each 1 Pkt Fills 1 GL of Gels for Floating Your Vase Decorations-No Guessing! Best Results-Not Including Pearls
Event Pks Transparent Water Gels Premeasured Kits-Each Fills 5 GL of Gels Floating Your Vase Decorations-No Guessing-Best Results-Not Including Pearls
Translucent Color Water Gels Premeasured Kit-2 Pkts-Fills 1 GL of Gels For Your Vase Decorations-No Guessing-Best Results
Floating Translucent Gels Color Accents-Including Premeasured Prep & Storage bag Kit for Best Floating Results! Vase Decorations
blue water gel color accents vase fillers

"Floating" Blue Translucent Gels Color Accents

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